Common Challenges - Common Solutions

Between Denmark

and Japan


A summer school in the spirit of the danish folk high schools

2017 is the 150-anniversary year for diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan and today many of the challenges that both countries face are not particular their own, but are shared across the world. For highly developed countries as Denmark and Japan a lot of challenges are common across the cultural and geographical differences. The transition to more sustainable means of production, dealing with changing demographics, understanding the consequences of rapid technological, handling the effects of an increased urbanization to mention a few.

We believe that there is a great potential in bringing Danes and Japanese – and their different perspectives and cultural heritage - together and through a collaborative summer school program explore the possibility for common solutions for the world of tomorrow. We have chosen the three key issues of food, production and education to be the three points of departure doing the week. The program wil offer new knowledge and insight into the greater interconnectedness of the challenges and solutions we face today and tomorrow.



Common Challenges - Common Solutions will take place at Pederstrup Efterskole in a beautiful setting in the middle of forest and with direct access to the Reventlow Museum and the surrounding park. The School is fully equipped with plenty of rooms, great recreational areas, a lot of good teaching and working spaces, splendid dinning and kitchen facilities. Nothing is lacking.


Commen Challenges - Common Solutions

is arranged as a part of the work towards establishing a new Folk High School at Lolland-Falster, Denmark





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